Is assembly required with a new bike?

Jack D.

Last Update 2 years ago

All of our bikes come 95% - 98% pre-assembled right out of the box depending on the model. 

LOCAL BUYERS (Lower Mainland, BC): We will fully assemble for FREE! As with any bike, you will want to get a tune-up within the first 100km of riding, which is called the break-in period.

NON-LOCAL BUYERS: Assembly and first adjustment of your bike from Alter Ego Electric Bike requires special tools (tool kit provided), and some minor technical skills for most models. If you are unsure of how to assemble, you should have your bike assembled by VeloFix OR a local bike shop and a tuneup completed to ensure that everything is tight, lubricated, and safe. 

Assembly Time: Approx. 30-90 minutes depending on the model. 

Here is a look at how most of our bikes will get shipped to you:

As with any new bike, we suggest that you get your bike tuned up by VeloFix OR a local bike shop. This will ensure that all necessary parts are lubricated, tight, and will give you the best overall riding experience. It is important to have your bike tuned up on a regular basis.

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