Will my bike require any adjustments when it arrives?

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Did you know that a tune-up is highly recommended on ALL new bikes? (Not just from Alter Ego)

Although we complete a Quality Control & Pre Delivery Inspection on all bikes that we ship, it will need a "new bike" tune-up within the first 30 days and within 100km. This will ensure that all necessary components are lubricated properly, everything is tight, brakes adjusted, and will enhance your overall ownership experience.

It is important to perform proper maintenance and often fine-tune your ebike to ensure optimal performance and safe riding. Regularly lubricate your chain, gear shifter, sprocket and all moving parts. Always check the condition of your ebike before riding and make sure that it is well maintained. Your cables, spokes and chain can be stretched after an initial break-in period of up to 100km, and bolted connections can be loosened. You are recommended to ask a certified, reputable bike mechanic perform an initial new bike tune-up on your ebike.

It is very important to have the proper air pressure in your tires. Never underinflate or overinflate your tires. Low pressure can result in loss of control and overinflated tires can burst. Always Inflate your tires from a regulated air source with an available pressure gauge. Inflating your tires with an unregulated air source may overinflate them, resulting in a burst tire. The suggested pressure is printed on the side of the tire walls. Properly inflated tires will help give you longer range.

Before changing a tire or tube, make sure that all air pressure has been removed from the inner tube prior to removing the tire from the rim. Failure to remove all air pressure from the inner tube could result in serious injury.

If you do not have the experience, skill, or tools to complete maintenance or adjustment of your bike, it is seriously recommended to ask certified, reputable bike mechanic to check your bike and ensure it is safe to ride.

A local bike shop in your area is more than capable of tune-ups and regular maintenance of your Alter Ego Electric Bike. Our Factory Showroom is not a service facility - we refer all local service and maintenance to Abby Bikes Shop OR visit your local bike shop if you are not in the Abbotsford area. 

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